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Project Type: Integrated Communications  

Industry: Hospitality/Food and Beverage   

Location: Toronto 

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Role: Marketing Manager  


In 2021, Ration Beverley opened its doors with a mission: to celebrate local ingredients, to champion sustainable practices, and to support local farmers. They explore Ontario's diverse offerings across the changing seasons through foraging, a process that helps the team deepen their commitment to eco-gastronomy.



Leading to the 2023 Michelin Award Ceremony and an invitation for owners to be speakers at a Michelin conference for sustainable restaurants, Ration Beverley required leadership and strategy within their communications efforts. Adopting the role of the previous marketing manager with a 6-month gap of leadership, I was tasked to take on the position of Marketing Manager.

Branding Creatives 

Portfolio Ration (1).png
Portfolio Ration.png

Using the existing branding creatives and company mission as a starting point, I use that to develop the Ration Beverley - Q3  Communication Strategy. 


The focus of the strategy was divided into 3 phases;

Social Media, Website Optimization, and Media Training for stakeholders.

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Social Media

Due to the large gap in marketing leadership, SM management became crucial to establishing content strategy as the initial step. This strategy aimed to ensure ongoing engagement and reach a wider Toronto-based audience while maintaining key messaging in content and copy.

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SM Focus

Photo Shoot 

SM Copy Optimization

Content Calandar


SEO strategies along with key messaging 

Mobile-friendly UX/UI design

Weekly menu update

Functioning Backlinks

Website Optimization

Using assets from social media photo shoots, I updated images on the company website. Copy was then optimized using keyword research and incorporating Google and meta tags for ranking and tracking.  

Website Focus

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Untitled design (4).png

Key Word Examples

 with SEMSRUSH research


Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 6.15.31 PM.png

PR Training

 Taking additional PR and Crisis Management training/certification, I implemented a PR training/strategy for stakeholders during the Michelin conference. Reviewing past interviews and researching competitions proved to be beneficial in conveying the company’s keynotes.

Training Outline:

  • Media Landscape 

  • Key Messaging

  • Audience  

  • Interview Techniques 

  • Crisis Communication 

  • Messaging Consistency

  • Q&A Simulations

Outcome & Key Metrics 

Creating a communications strategy through integrated marketing tactics has positioned Ration Beverley as one of Canada’s leading restaurants in sustainability, foraging, and fermentation.

Q4 Social Media KPIs

  • +28% engagement

  • +19% impression 

  • +4% followers, totalling 4706

  • Reach: 5,768 accounts, 2,929 non-followers   

  • Profile views 3000+ 


Notable Press Release

& Publication

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