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Project Type: Business Development   

Industry: Hospitality/Food and Beverage   

Location: Toronto 

Role: Marketing Manager  

Pretty Boy Graphics (2).png
Pretty Boy Graphics (2).png
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Located above the Beverley Hotel, Pretty Boy Rooftop is a Toronto-based open-air bar highlighting craft cocktails with a Beverley Hills-inspired setting. As a limited-time, summer Pop-Up, Pretty Boy Rooftop aimed to utilize pop culture within its Business Development theme. 



With less than a month before patio season starts (Apr-Oct), the owners of Ration Beverly wanted to expand their business portfolio by creating a rooftop pop-up lounge. Due to the nature of pop-ups being temporary, stakeholders wanted a trendy theme with only one month of strategy and preparation time. The challenge was to create a trendy bar with a minimal budget before April

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During the months leading up to the much-anticipated Barbie Movie, disruptions of viral content relating to the movie created an audience base. With an influx of UGC on social media and merchandises related to the movie, I proposed the concept of Pretty Boy Rooftop.

Capitalizing on the location of the establishment, being in the heart of downtown Toronto and steps away from local movie theatres, I presented the concept of a pink, Malibu-tropical-inspired rooftop bar. Utilizing the already popularized movie and research on targeted demographic groups as groundwork to build the theme on, we can move into the development of the marketing tactics while the physical lounge was being built. 


The Brain Storm

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By creating a detailed Customer Persona, I can create strategies and messaging that resonate with the target audience. 

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To reach the desired goals, an Awareness strategy was developed. I sectioned the pre-launch focus into 3 main projects; Social Media SEO, Influencer Campaign, and Lead Generation through Themed Events.

Pink Powder

 SEO Challenge ...

Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 12.19.22 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 12.19.50 PM.png
How will they Find us?

During the research phase of the branding strategy, developing the website and incorporating keywords associated with the inspired theme proved to be a challenge. Due to similar keywords having an average of 95% difficulty, SEO strategies had to pivot and change, furthermore having a deadline of opening within a month, added to the pressure of finding a solution.


After careful analysis of the targeted group, I decided that rather than focusing on SEO strategy, a shift to Social Media SEO strategy would reach our target faster. By Understanding that most of our targets consume their content on SMP (Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok), that is where we will position our SEO and Communication strategies.

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 SEO BUT Social Media?

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By utilizing the Search option of SMP, along with the targeted "for you" page, I created an SM strategy that Optimizes the search function. To further reach a wider Toronto-based audience, we incorporated brand collaborations with local influencers with an audience aligning with our target. 



Include keywords related to business and a

call to action. 


Writing Alt Text when posting to help describe the content. 


Relevant Keywords within copy/caption to further optimize.


Included Geo-Tagging on posts to reach users in the area and to reach a higher ranking on location 

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To get a better ROI on the influencer campaign, I researched candidates that met our requirements; Toronto-based influencers with a target audience that aligned with Pretty Boy Rooftop.

To better reach the target audience, I required all content produced to incorporate a theme following the branding guidelines for consistency. A #hashtag strategy was also implemented to follow SEO practice.


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After the callbacks of influencers were completed, we invited them back for our influencer soft launch. The event was created for influencers to obtain assets and try out the offerings before the main launch. We encourage them to take creative liberty on their content while adhering to the branding guidelines. This event was hosted for 5 days leading up to the hard launch. 

The event took place between 7-10 p.m. with a capacity of 30 influencers a day. The time of the event was also important as it provided a unique moment during dusk when the city transitioned from day to night, a "VIBE" that we wanted the influencers to capture. 

The Goal of this Soft launch was to prepare the staff for daily operations before launch but to also generate UGC and collaborations with Pretty Boy social media.


With content now being produced throughout the week and stories being shared for promotional material. We were ready for our hard launch.

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Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 12.50.13 PM.png
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With the success of the hard launch and social media channels now being managed, along with weekly influencer collaboration leading up to Toronto summer events and festivals (Barbie Movie release date, Toronto Pride), I collaborated with the Events Manager to propose and develop a pipeline for lead generation.

My goal for this campaign was to generate leads for "event booking" utilizing organic media. I used the Pretty Boy Rooftop SM as a platform to advertise as an "Event Venue", strategically posting content from past events, with inquiries handed to the event manager.  





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Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 11.20.36 AM.png

By utilizing strategic influencer campaigns in the pre-launch phase, we generated measurable results and anticipation for brand launch.   

Using social media as a pipeline for lead generation also showed value in conversions, with over 90% of inquiries converting to sales.

This pipeline also indirectly helped promote Ration Beverley (parent business) through brand association, generating leads.   

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Total Follower


+ 15.8% July, 23 - Sep, 23

Avarage Engagment


Month of Sep, 2023

Event Booking


per Month

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